Our Story

At Dragon Cat Cafe, we aim to provide the tastiest drinks and snacks possible. 

We freshly brew every drink, ensuring the best tasting tea every time.
We freshly press our fruits, avoiding jams and fruit flavoured syrups.

Our wheelcakes are also made fresh and fillings are handmade, using top quality ingredients.

In the short time we have been open, we have created over 60 delicious wheelcake flavours, many original seasonal drinks and even snagged a few awards.

We don’t want to be seen as just another bubble tea shop, and instead want to promote and spread the beauty of tea far and wide, offering a small selection of tea bags and bubble tea kits.

We remain committed to giving you a taste of Taiwan.

oroginal dragon cat logo concept

Original logo concept



After walking around Westfield one evening and wanting bubble tea, we realised there was absolutely nothing nearby and our only choice was to go to Chinatown.
Frustrated at the commute for a drink, we toyed with the idea of opening our own shop in Hammersmith


A series of chance meetings put us in touch with suppliers in Taiwan and the dream began to look more like a possible reality.


We spent many months researching, eating and drinking our way around Taiwan to find the most authentic flavours. From night markets in Tainan, to street vendors in Taichung, department stores in Taipei and old tea factories in Daxi.

We then spent time working and training with suppliers to create our base menu.

Our goal was simple, to bring the taste of Taiwan to London.


We took part in the first Hammersmith Christmas market and brought the fruits of our labour to our local community and were met with open arms and warmth, despite the cold!


We attended the Hammersmith Easter market and opened our doors in early June and the rest, as they say, is history!


Winner of I Love Lunch 2019, Best Café

Winner of Brilliant Business Awards 2019, Best Place to Drink


In response to the national lockdown, we created DIY Bubble Tea kits and opened our online shop


Who Knows? 😉