Taro Milk Tea Kit


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Taro is not only a favourite flavour in Taiwan and most of Asia, but also on our menu! This creamy purple drink, when paired with our Classic black tea, has a deeper,  sweeter, nuttier vanilla taste than the flavoured milk variant.

Each kit contains individually packed ingredients and instructions so you can make the perfect tea every time.
Brew your favourite tea flavours and recreate the magical Dragon Cat Café experience whenever you want.

Now with *instant tapioca. Ready in as little as 20 seconds. Super QQ (Chewy) with great brown sugar taste!

*takes 20 seconds in an 800W microwave, 30 seconds in lower powdered microwaves or 2 minutes soaked in boiling water.
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  • Kit contains 5 portions
  • Allergen Advice: creamer contains milk protein 
  • Allergen Advice: Taro milk powder contains non-dairy creamer
Weight 650 g
Dimensions 22.2 × 15 × 9 cm
Reusable Straw Set

Black Straw Set, Rose Gold Straw Set