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Taiwanese night markets are an absolute hot spot to try the newest and most traditional food and drink crazes. There’s so much we want you to try, so we thought we’d start here.

We’re continuing with our Taste of Taiwan menu with delicious hot food!

Rice Burgers 米漢堡

Burgers come in all shapes and sizes, but have you ever had a rice burger?
We lay our seasoned Taiwanese rice patties on a strip of crispy nori, smother the rice with sauce, salad and fill it with katsu chicken, katsu tofu or spam, egg and cheese before we fold it up and serve it to you!



Basil Fried Bites 炸物

Taiwanese night markets are full of delicious foods and one of them is  yánsūjī; or salty crispy chicken. 

We’ve also added a tofu variant which tastes just as good as its chicken counterpart. 

Yoghurt Series

One of our favourite drinks from Taiwanese tea shops is Yakult Green Tea. The crispness from the green tea mixed with the creamy and slightly sweet Yakult is a match made in heaven.

We’ve added a similar drink to our menu using famous Four Seasons Oolong, another crisp and light tasting tea that balances well with the yakult style flavour. Try it with hibiscus for tangy yet refreshing version.

If you’re a fruit tea kinda person, why not add a yoghurt cream cloud to your next pineapple or kiwi iced tea?


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Wheelcakes 車輪餅

Our traditional wheelcake flavours are back.

Bubble tea: As bubble tea originates from Taiwan, we had to bring this classic back. Lovely milk tea flavoured custard filled with chewy brown sugar tapioca pearls.

Red Bean: You simply can’t have a wheelcake without red bean! A go-to at every wheelcake stand throughout!